Public Transparency Reporting

Section 217a (4) of the Public Act 94 of 1979, The State School Aid Act, has been amended, which requires each community college to post certain information on its website by November 1 of each year.

  1. The annual operating budget and subsequent budget revisions.
  2. A link to the most recent “Michigan Community College Data Inventory Report”.
  3. General Fund revenue and expenditure projection:
    FY2024-2025 Projection:
    • Total general fund revenues: $128,000,000
    • Total general fund expenditures:$128,000,000
  4. A listing of debt service obligations.
  5. Links to all of the following for the community college:
    1. The current collective bargaining agreement for each bargaining unit.
    2. Each health care benefits plan, including, but not limited to, medical, dental, vision, disability, long-term care, or any other type of benefits that would constitute health care services, offered to any bargaining unit or employee of the community college.
    3. Audits and financial reports for the most recent fiscal year for which they are available.
    4. A copy of the board of trustees resolution regarding compliance with best practices for the local strategic value component described in section 230(3).
  6. Washtenaw Community College District Boundaries
  7. Financial Aid
  8. Joint Capital Outlay Subcommittee (JCOS) Use and Finance Reporting per Sec 238 of Public Act 431 of 1984, the Management and Budget Act.
  9. Five-Year Capital Outlay Plan per Sec 242 of Public Act 431 of 1984

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